Stylish Loafers are the New Cool
Friday, March 24th, 2017 by spblog | Women Only, Fashion, How To Wear
  • Loafers have been an essential part of a menswear since their invention. A good pair of loafer is a great way to upgrade your personal style. Know the different trendy styles of loafers that you may encounter in your search for the stylish loafers.

The tassel loafer:

The tassel loafer is vital for your shoe wardrobe; it works amazingly well with both formal and casual outfits. While pairing it with a formal outfit, go for brown and black colored tassel loafer. For a smart casual look, either stick to the traditional colors or experiment with different bright colors that can enhance your outfit.

Penny loafers:

Penny loafer is a preferred shoe option due to its simplistic look. It can be found in a variety of different materials fulfilling every gentleman’s need. Don’t miss to shop the trendiest Penny loafer’s collection at Shoe Planet.

Snaffle Loafer:

You know this loafer, but maybe not by its name. The distinguishing feature of this footwear is the brass strap laid across the top of it. Believe me; your wardrobe is incomplete if you’re not having a pair of this versatile footwear in it.

Shop for the trendiest loafer collection at your nearest Shoe Planet Store and add your favorite loafer to your shoe wardrobe.
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