Comfort is the new cool
Wednesday, June 06, 2016 by Shoe Planet | Women Only, Fashion, How To Wear
  • Style makes man and man makes fashion. And what makes a fashion more appealing is when it as comfortable as it is classy! Loafers and sneakers boast both the qualities. We at Shoe Planet also have an impressive new collection for both.


You must've heard that any man can look good in a suit. But what they don't tell you is that it's a great pair of loafers that makes a suit worthwhile! Loafers add class and elegance to the look while also being extremely comfortable and thus the perfect choice to be worn on a busy work day or a formal occasion. Loafers are the type of shoes that give a boyish spin to any suit, even when you're following the office dress code. And coming in different designs and styles, it gives us great liberty to pick one according to our own comfort and liking. There are some that are casual and elegant, ones you can wear while going out any day, while some loafers are downright formal and classy. The new spring collection on our shelves at shoe planet has some amazing designs for you to choose from!


Sneakers, The go to shoes for almost any guy! While sporting a casual look or having a night out on weekends, sneakers are what every guy goes for! While going for an athletic look or just a boy next door attire, nothing speaks contemporary and trendy as a nice pair of sneakers. And gone are the days when sneakers were worn for a casual look limited to weekends only, sneakers nowadays are a perfectly acceptable attire for office if you work at a creative workplace. If going for a more formal look, go for sneakers with a shirt and tie and you can boast a boyish look while also looking professional.

Sneakers are the all-rounder when it comes to shoes, shorts, pants, cargo or formal, you name it and there's a suitable sneaker that will go with it. Although there are always new collections coming out for sneakers and some of them are also mediocre and pretty common, we at Shoe Planet understand that. And so when the expertise and brilliance of our amazing designers is combined with the remarkable finesse and quality of our shoe, you get something way more than mediocre, something outstanding! And outstanding is what we have achieved while coming up with our amazing new collection for sneakers of any style. Something you don't want to miss.