5 Shoes You Need In Your Wardrobe
Friday, June 24, 2016 by Shoe Planet | Women Only, Fashion, How To Wear
  • We love shoes. We love them a bit more than we should and it's no secret. Flats, pumps, peeps, pretty kittens, wedges, we welcome all with an open heart. And the more the merrier. However, sometimes a lady is bound to get distracted by the shiny, feather fairing, sky-high heels and ignore the everyday basics. So it's time we ensure that our basics are covered before we move on to a rather flamboyant side of our wardrobe! Let's give the foot floozies a break and focus on long term pairs – those who vow to get us through everyday! Here are 5 shoes you must have in your wardrobe:

Comfort Is My Priority Ballerinas

Ballerinas or Ballet flats are the chicest way to scoot around the town, attend business meetings or make a stop at your BFF's party! They go with everything, thus are your shoe-best friends! Its a must to have black and nude ballerinas in your wardrobe, girls! However colored ballerinas can also work their magic if paired with the right outfit!

You can get your hands on these chic ballerinas at Shoe Planet!

Classic Platform Madness

There are no excuses with these, they are basic, a necessity! Nothing can ever go wrong with perfect black platform heel! I got my hands on these at Shoe Planet last week! Having variation wouldn't hurt though, go for the round toe is you wanna feel a bit more fancy! There's no limit to what you can wear with these, you bet!

Nude Cork Wedges

A wedge sandal isn't always a shoe-scandal! Its a safety net for those summery gatherings, casual work days and impromptu meetings! The nude nature of it adds a subtle glam to your look which isn't too over the top! The trick though is to get that nude shade right for your skin type! Lucky for us, Shoe Planet has three brilliant shades for Asian women! What an absolute treat, no?

Funk It Up Flat Sandals

Add a little color someday! Funk up your plain tops and kurtas with a hint of coral sandals! I found these sandals as a beautiful balance between comfort and fashion at Shoe Planet! Can't wait to get my hands on them! These won't go wrong. Wear them on your busy days when you end up having a long distance relationship with your work desk! Sigh!

Signature Kitten heels!

Last but not the least, Signature Kitten Heels! Don't go for black, instead, opt for shades of brown and burgundy! These heels are for making your Mondays bearable and your Fridays exciting! These heels save your from Mid-Week Crisis! Textured or printed signature kitten heels are absolute Divas and a must for your work/life wardrobe!

These are the 5 shoes I think a girl must have in her wardrobe, what do you guys think? Oh, also, all these are available at Shoe Planet! Go check out their outlet!

Here's to the love for great shoes!