Top Shoe Trends for Summer
Friday, Sep 26, 2016 by Shoe Planet | Women Only, Fashion, How To Wear
  • Its time to find your footing for the season and get a head start on the changing temperatures with a closet update! The fashion trends are incomplete without the shoes that follow. Therefore, we decided to select some looks that are utterly us, our style!

We have fallen in love over and over again with the mesmerizing shoe trends this season and our shoe closets be damned, we will be adding to them. Maybe we might give away some of the older and less practical ones away, But we certainly are not missing out on spending our savings on some incredible pieces this summer. From the latest "it" flats to must-have block heel standouts, we've gathered the best shoes for this season!


Pick up those rather flat Flats this summer as the shoe trends highlight a bunch of flat looks for fans of comfort withfemininity combined. They came in Ballerinas with classy formal styles for office; as well as embellished flat sandals with beads, lace and bows. If you are in a mood to party, elevate your everyday go-to flats. Choose a pair decorated with pom-poms, beading, or ribbon!


For those with narrow feet and a love for stilettos, this trend is mighty lovely! It’s the sexy look that is made all the sexier with a classic broach, something, which Reeva adds to the textured leather kitten heel. Another one comes with a lace print embellished on silver toe which draws the eyes downwards. The pointed toe looks awesome with stilettos in chocolate with the texture that can easily be worn at work and parties both.

There are no excuses with these, they are basic, a necessity! Nothing can ever go wrong with perfect black platform heel! I got my hands on these at Shoe Planet last week! Having variation wouldn't hurt though, go for the round toe is you wanna feel a bit more fancy! There's no limit to what you can wear with these, you bet!


The square heeled look appears all over the place, on all types of summer 2016 shoes, from the booties to the sandals, the ankle strapped to the slides, the glittering and the rather plain color blocks. Moreover, this season the pastels are as common as neutral earthy colors when we see Regale and Reeva's Block heels.